Program Options

The Premedicine Focus (or “Premed”)

If you are thinking about attending medical school, you can fulfill the entrance requirements while a bioengineering student at Penn.  You can even study abroad by carefully planning with a Premed and a faculty advisor. (Students should note that Premed science course requirements cannot be taken abroad.)

You can fulfill Premed requirements while enrolled in either of the BSE and BAS degree programs. This is because BE requirements in physics, chemistry, math, and biology overlap with premed requirements. The program’s English requirements fulfill our humanities course requirements, and other Premed requirements, including organic chemistry and biology labs, fulfill the technical/career path electives in the BE programs.

Every year, Penn students fare well in applying to medical school.  In the fall 2009 semester, 73 percent of the 319 Penn student and alumni applicants were admitted to allopathic (MD degree-granting) medical schools, compared to the national average of 46 percent.  Medical schools know that Penn students must master a rigorous curriculum and are well prepared.

If Premed is something you are considering, you should meet with a dedicated advisor in Penn’s Premed office, located in Career Services.