Advanced Placement Credits

Students can receive Advanced Placement (AP) credits as Bioengineering majors. These credits may count as prerequisites, be used towards a dual degree, lighten your course load, or enable you to graduate early. The general rule of thumb for AP Credits at Penn is that only the department teaching the area can determine the AP credit policy for that subject. Below are guidelines for obtaining AP credits in areas most common to Bioengineering students.

For a list AP credit that the university accepts, please go here.

CHEMISTRY NOTE: For the Class of 2021, scores of 5 on the AP Exam will be granted EAS 091 which can be used to fulfill your Chem 101 requirement. However, in order to ensure that prerequisites are met, we are recommending that all students who wish to advance to Chem 102 take the Chem 101 placement exam which is offered on campus at the beginning of the fall semester, even students who have received a 5 on the AP Exam.