Undergraduate Advising

Bioengineering Associate Director for Advising

Students with questions regarding the bioengineering curricula should contact Kacy Dadura (kacy@seas), the Associate Director for Advising for Bioengineering. Kacy’s walk-in advising hours in the BE office for Spring 2023 are: Tuesday 11am-12pm and Wednesday 1-2pm. If you would like to make an appointment, please email. The Associate Director for Advising can help you with questions regarding program requirements, curriculum advising, minors, dual majors/degrees, petitions, academic concerns, probation, wellness issues, grad school prep and research and internship opportunities.

Faculty Advising

Every student is assigned a faculty advisor. The list of faculty advising hours and their office locations can be found here. Your faculty advisor will help you with course selection, curriculum content, career advice and long-range plans, concentrations, summer research opportunities, find research mentors at Penn, graduate school selection advice, and/or recommendation letters. Several tips for getting the most out of your visit with your faculty advisor are:

  • Email your advisor to let him/her know you are coming, even if it is during scheduled office hours.
  • Come prepared with a copy of your course planning worksheet printed out, with both the requirement and term views, and a list of questions/topics you would like to discuss.

The more prepared you are, the better your advisor will be able to help you.

Advising Quick Links

Most questions about course approvals can be found in the Penn Engineering Undergraduate Student Handbook. You can also find Engineering polices, for example:

The Undergraduate Handbook will be able to assist you with many of your questions regarding polices and procedures.

Forms: many frequently used forms can be found on this page such as petition for action, permit to register, application for a minor, withdraw from a course, etc.

Academic Calendar: add/drop/withdraw deadlines, advance registration periods, final examinations, class schedules, etc.

Curriculum Requirements

Advance Registration Process

BE Faculty Advisors & Office Hours

Engineering Undergraduate Handbook

Academic Programs Office Advising

Referrals to other offices and resources on campus including:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Weingarten Learning Center


LGBT Center


Women’s Center

Career Services

Health Service

Public Safety

Student Intervention Services

For Bioengineering and/or Penn Engineering policies and procedures, please go here.