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Dual Degree Options

What does it mean to pursue a dual degree? A dual degree means that you are completing two approved majors across two different schools at Penn.  To pursue a dual degree across schools, you must apply and be admitted to both schools. 

Examples of dual degrees include majors across different schools at Penn such as Penn Engineering (SEAS) and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). Under the dual degree option, you could be a Bioengineering major (SEAS) and a Chemistry major (SAS), or a Bioengineering major (SEAS) and also pursue the Wharton Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Because different schools have different requirements, some dual degrees may take more than four years to complete, require a heavier course load, or make use of summer courses.  (Subject to academic standing, you may be allowed to take up to seven courses per semester.)

What helps in pursuing a dual degree is the ability to count some requirements for both degrees, or use required courses in one program as electives in the other. Requirements are listed on the respective school and departmental websites. BAS and BSE students in bioengineering can apply to, and if accepted, pursue a dual degree program with another school. To learn more about dual degree programs, visit the Penn Engineering website.