MSE Degree: Thesis Guidelines

Beginning Your Thesis

To effectively plan and carry out your master’s degree thesis requirement, follow the steps below:

  • Choose a faculty advisor in the Bioengineering Graduate Group.
  • We encourage students to choose a suitable thesis topic before the end of their first semester of graduate studies.
  • Usually students conduct their thesis research during the spring and summer semesters, but this is flexible. Consult with your faculty thesis advisor about the timing of your research.
  • Register for Master’s Thesis Research (BE 5970) in the semester you choose to do your research and ask for permission in PATH@PENN.
  •  To obtain permission to register for BE 5970 it is required to complete and submit a brief written thesis proposal.  Your thesis proposal will contain:
    • a statement of objectives of the work
    • the scope of the studies
    • an outline of the proposed final document
  • To submit the proposal, use the  Master’s Thesis Proposal Form, which must be approved by your Master’s Thesis advisor and the Bioengineering Graduate Group Chair.

Submitting Your Final Master’s Thesis

You must prepare and submit your thesis following the University of Pennsylvania Master’s Thesis Style Guide. The thesis must be approved by both your thesis advisor and the bioengineering master’s director by placing their electronic signatures* on the thesis cover page.

Your thesis must be submitted electronically to Graduate Affairs.  Directions will be sent via email after the graduation application closes for that period.

*An electronic signature is typically a digital signature, usually a picture or adobe verification signature. This is added by the faculty member after approval of the thesis.