MSE Degree Requirements

To fulfill the requirements for the MSE degree, students must take 10 courses at the 500 level or above. You may choose to write a thesis or complete the non-thesis degree. The two options differ only in the distribution of courses. Many students, especially those interested in research or later pursuing a PhD or MD, choose to write a thesis. The program director helps you develop a program of study for the fall and spring semester of your first year. You can also access a list of suggested graduate courses broken down by discipline.

The Master’s Student CPG worksheet through Penn InTouch helps you design an individualized curriculum that leads to your successfully completing the program. Please complete the CPG worksheet and allow at least 48 hours for review and approval. Once your course selection is approved, you will be permitted to register through Penn InTouch.

Required of All MSE Students

There are eight required course units that must be taken by students in both the thesis and non-thesis tracks. These are:

Thesis Option Requirements

If you choose to write a thesis, you will enroll in 2 units of thesis research (BE 597)

Be sure to read the Master’s Thesis Guidelines. In choosing the thesis option, your thesis advisor may provide additional guidance on course selection and will supervise your thesis research. The director of the bioengineering MSE program will help you find a mentor, traditionally selected from the Bioengineering Graduate Group.

Non-Thesis Option Requirements

If you choose not to write a thesis, you will enroll in an additional 2 units of science and engineering electives (2 CU) of which 1 may be independent study (BE 599) (4CU)

Upon Completion

When you complete the requirements and are ready to graduate, you must complete the Application for Graduation and submit the form to the Academic Programs Office in 109 Towne building.