Applying to the Bioengineering MSE Program

If you want to pursue an advanced Bioengineering degree, the MSE program will prepare you for careers in industry, research and development, government and academia.  Some students also apply to medical school. The program requires 10 course units, and students may choose a thesis or non-thesis path to the degree.

How to Apply

All applications for the MSE program must be completed online. For deadlines and instructions on applying to the program please visit the official SEAS Graduate Studies admissions web page.

Prerequisite Requirements

Academic prerequisite requirements for the degree are an undergraduate degree in an engineering subject or an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with a physical science, natural science or math major.

Standardized Test Requirements

  • TOEFL Score Recommendations – a minimum of 100 is recommended for all programs. There is not a required score.
  • IELTS Score Recommendations – a minimum of 7.5 is recommended for all programs. There is not a required score.Please send your IELTS score report electronically. Test results should be sent to:

    “University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science”

*To have this requirement waived, the applicant must meet the following criteria by the time of matriculation:

  • Graduate from a program in the United States;
  • Attend school in a country in which English is recognized as the official language; or,
  • Graduate from an institution where the medium of instruction is English, and this is indicated on the unofficial transcript.

A waiver request does not need to be submitted by an applicant; the requirement will be waived after the application and necessary materials are submitted and reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Office and an applicant is found to meet one or more of the above criteria.

Accelerated Masters for Current BE Undergraduates

To apply for AM please find the application for Accelerated Masters  on the undergraduate advising and forms page. It is recommended that students should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. It is preferred that students apply at the end of the sophomore year and no later than August of their senior year.

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